Microscope Dentistry

Dental Treatments under Microscope

Microscope Dentistry gives the better Vision, Clarity, Precision and better longevity to any Dental Treatment.

Microscope Dentistry in Pimpri Chinchwad, Wakad

Magnification in dentistry


If you see better, you can treat better.

Magnification uses various tools to see the teeth and oral tissues better.

The most basic  magnification tool is Dental Loupes and the high end magnification tool is Dental Operating Microscope.

Dr. Joglekar as a Microscope dentist


Dr Joglekar is using Dental Operating Microscope at joglekar's dental solutions, chinchwad since 2010. 

He has the experience of using Microscope on daily basis for all his patients for Root canals, fillings and cosmetic dentistry. 

There are many satisfied patients who have experienced microscope dentistry in Pimpri chinchwad area, Pimpri Link road, Wakad and Pimple saudagar.

Advantages of Microscope dentistry


Dentistry is traditionally done in a  low light, with less vision and more with a tactile feel.  But Microscope allows dentists to see everything clearly  in a high quality light and then do the treatment.  

 Why do we use a microscope in dentistry?

Simply put, many of the things that we are evaluating and treating are small, so small, that many times we must visualize with a high-output, high-magnification LED-powered surgical microscope to affect the most effective treatment for our valued patients. Whatever we see, we can treat!!! If we can see better, we can give high quality, long lasting treatment!!!

Benefits of dental operating microscopes:

Improves chair position and operator position which reduces discomfort even after long procedures.

Reduces operator fatigue and eyestrain during procedures.

Provide a wonderful platform for photographic documentation.

Provides refinement in tooth and margin preparation.

Improved lighting and magnification aid in caries detection and removal.

Improves detection and evaluation of coronal and root fractures and abnormalities. 

Our new 5 step LED Microscope


We use  five step magnification Sanma LED Microscopes

Sanma is a Chennai based company which is giving fantastic service to dentists for more than twenty years. 

Joglekar's Dental solutions is using their various Microscopes since  November 2010.

Root canal under Microscope


Better vision is necessary for any dental Treatment.  Root canal under microscope gives us 

  • clarity, 
  • vision, 
  • precision 
  • and better longevity for any dental treatment!

Microscope Training


Dr Mandar Joglekar regularly  trains various dentists in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune, Wakad, Pimple saudagar about 

  • Microscope dentistry, 
  • Root canals,
  • Rubber dam application, 
  • Repeat Root canals